Well it’s the last club newsletter before the festive season gets underway, and we have a reasonable list to get through.

#Membership: Membership renewal is overdue, so please make an effort this month, before Xmas is apon us. New members are also very welcome.

#Fishing conditions have been slightly better over the past month, and good catches of Blue Cod, Snapper and Tarakihi have been reported. Based on what’s being caught on Contiki’s recently, all the XOS snapper are in close. As and when the water temperatures warm up, so should the Snapper fishing.

#Now the new Ranch sliders and deck have been completed, the next noticeable change will be the new signage going up in the next week or so.Basically it identifies the Clubrooms and the benefits of being a member, with contact numbers and website address.

# The new website has been a work in progress, and has been on the back burner due to my commitments to obtaining Sponsorship for the Fishing Competition. However now that we have Sponsorship in place, the website will get back on track.

#January Fishing Competition: First and foremost a big “THANK YOU” to our sponsors and their generosity. For the 2016 competition we sent out ‘A letter of intent’ to all the 2015 sponsors back in April/May of this year, and those that bothered to reply were contacted over the past two months. Also we have used a different format, in having entire fish species categories sponsored by a single sponsor. From an organizational point of view, it’s been a very efficient method in getting the results, and has involved our main sponsors making a more substantial investment into our Competition.

To further encourage early registration for the January Competition, we have five (5) Early Bird draws up this year, with a value of $734.00 per draw, $3,670.00 in total. Also please note the cut off is two (2) weeks prior to the competition. We have also extended the prizes out to 5th place for ‘Catch & Release’ Snapper only.

We have also organized a ‘Guest Speaker’ for each evening, and they are all specialist in their fields.

Apparently the new caterers at the Castlecliff Club are putting out good meals, and we are going to approach them in regards to having a ‘Well priced’ meal (Steak or a Sea food basket) for all participants in the competition. Recognized by the Wrist Bands. So try and support the Caterers this year, by dining at least one of the evenings. I think a special mention also needs to be made in regards to the very friendly staff at the Castlecliff Club, and we should all be thankful of being able to use their facilities.

HOUSE KEEPING: Could you please make sure NO FOOD of any description is thrown into the Bins in the clubrooms? The Blue Bin is for Bottles, and all rubbish items in the green Bin in entrance way. Eventually we will have recycling in place, as it cost by weight to dispose of the empties, whereas Re-cycling is free.

On a more positive note, on behalf of the Committee, I would like to wish you and your families a very Merry Xmas, and a Great New Year. Looking forward to catching up at the Fishing Competition.

Brian Tapa.